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Dr. Jan Yao (么雅娟,中 医 师)

LAc (Licensed Acupuncturist,License #: AC 11525),  OMD (Licensed Oriental Medicine Doctor),  Certified Nutritionist


Dr. Jan Yao has been practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 30 Years.


30 年经验的执照老中医, 毕业和任教于中医药大学。专精把脉开方,针灸推拿,营养食疗,  以爱心,诚实和高质量的服务呵护您的健康。

One of the examples of hundreds of successful treatments at Ace AcuHerb Clinic:

Mr. Jerry had suffered bad stomach problem for years. Two weeks ago, nonstop hiccup (spasm contracts the diaphragm) started happening to him. He could not sleep for 6 days and was exhausted. Dr. Jan Yao stopped his hiccuping in two sessions of acupuncture. Now Mr. Jerry's stomach function has returned nearly to normal after a month of treatments (acupuncture, acupressure and oral herbal formula).


Hundreds of successful treatments of woman's diseases, GI troubles and pains


Kimlyn Tan:

My long time fever and pain caused by drug side effects have disappeared after 6 Dr Yao's Acupuncture treatments and 1.5 months of taking Traditional Chinese medicine formulation prescribed by Dr. Yao. The fever hasn't  come back since then. 


Yun Wong:

My daughter suffered bad Crohn's Disease and other GI problems for years. We went big hospitals and professionals, but got no help, then life long hormone therapy was recommendaed. We knew hormone therapy carrying severe side effects.


We are lucky and found Dr. Jan Yao. She has used acupuncture and herb preparations to treat my daughter for 2 months. Now my daughter is completely cured.

Jifu  Zhao (赵吉福 ), Ph.D., CEO of  AZ Nature Art (天然产物大全)


Editor in Chief of "Nutrition and Nature Medicine News"(

Post-doc.  (Natural Product) of Columbia University, USA

Ph. D. of pharmaceutical chemistry, China

Advanced study of biochemistry, Japan

MS in analytical chemistry

BS in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


As natural product professor, research scientist and pharmaceutical company director, Dr. Zhao has been studying new medicine, natural active ingredient, cosmetics and nutritional supplement product for over 30 years. He is the inventor of more than 20 issued patents, and has many successful commercialization of his discoveries.


For example:

  1. Isolated and identified a potent inhibitor of melanin formation, that is now commercialized by Estee Lauder in products.

  2. Policosanol from insect wax for lipid lowering and pharmaceutical ear drop formulation.

  3. Processing methods for manufacturing coconut, new black tea and green coffee beans for weight loss and extending the duration of freshness.

  4. Chromones from aloe as glucose lowering agents for diabetes.

  5. Developed and achieved regulatory approvals for 1 new prescription herbal formulation drug (Anti-hypertension Tablet); 1 new natural cosmetic ingredient (Water Soluble Pearl Powder).

  6. Principle Investigator of two successful grant applications “Anti-tumor study and structure modification of compounds of Poria cocos”.

  7. Natural compound discoveries of Immune-regulating, anti-tumor, Pain control (BKb1 antagonist screening), Anti-obesity, lipase inhibitor, CB1 antagonist and weight loss ingredient research; Fat reduction in primary cell culture model for anti-obesity compound discovery; Anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory product development.

  8. Skin disease (acne, psoriasis, UVB damage) treatment ingredient discovery; Skin cancer chemo-prevention compound research.


Yajuan Yao, Owner of  AZ Nature Art and Ace AcuHerb Clinic  (Jane Health and Massage Clinic LLC)


药学学士, 分析硕士, 药化博士, 哥仑比亚大学博士后

天然产物大全( 总裁






  1. 採集和购买了世界各地 (北美,中美,非洲,印度和欧洲) 6000种民间药用天然产物,建立了天然植产物样品库。收集样品的50%以上是没有被化学及药理研究过的, 所以从本样品库中发现各种新有效化合物的机会非常大。

  2. 天然产物登记入数据库, 粉碎, 提取, 纯化, 样品溶解并装入96 孔 deep well 母盘, 随时可从母盘中取出少量制备用于活性筛选的子盘。

  3. 制备了90个样品母盘,每盘含88个样品,本样品库样品活性测试干扰较小。

  4. 目前已有大学的实验室和制药公司正在筛选本样品库。

  5. 抗绵羊胃寄生虫有效化合物的筛选进展顺利, 发现了5个非常有效的植物。有望解决寄生虫的抗药性问题。甜味增强而减少糖用量的有效成分筛选也出现可喜苗头。



  1. 中国发明专利:抗肿瘤茯苓多糖新水溶性衍生物的合成研究。

  2. 山楂降压片新药证书(课题负债人)国内仍然在生产。

  3. 发明水溶珍珠粉制备工艺,已经被国内外广泛应用于各类化妆品中。

  4. 美国发明专利四项:绿咖啡豆降体重和其它保健成分的研究,咖啡豆烘烤新工艺。

  5. 发明的绿咖啡豆成分已大量用于减肥和其它保健品产品中。

  6. 天然产物防癌的分子生物学研究。

  7. 美国发明专利:新红茶(茶红素及茶黄素含量高)的生产工艺。

  8. 美国发明专利:昆虫高级脂肪醇的分离和纯化工艺, 现在用于作为滴耳药物的制剂原料。

  9. 利用抑制黑色素形成的原理, 从植物中筛选, 提取,分离和鉴定了一个新化合物,此化合物比市场上最强的抗皮肤色斑形成的化合物曲酸强25倍,已经用于雅诗蓝黛的抗衰老产品倩碧系列 。

  10. 採集并鉴定了6000多种磨菇,昆虫,苔藓,海洋生物及高等植物。

  11. 设计, 合成, 活性测定并专利了二十多个抑制皮肤黑色素形成的新化合物。

  12. 筛选,分离和鉴定了200多抗肿瘤,镇痛,抑制脂肪形成吸收及抑制食欲等天然化合物。

  13. GC-MS分析和鉴定了口嚼香烟中的150多种成分。

  14. 设计和建立了芦荟素的树脂柱工业规模纯化方法。

  15. 薯预皂甙元工业化生产 (设备和厂房设计, 皂甙硫酸水解, 汽油提 取, 纯化和结晶等)。

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