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  1. Email the description of your problems, conditions, symptoms, clear pictures of both sides of your tongue (up and lower) and other necessary info or images to Dr. Jan and Jeff (

  2. Conditions and Symptoms includes gender, age, problem history, possible causes of your problem, bowel movement, blood pressure, appetite, energy, urine color and frequency, any thirsty or dry mouth, liking cold or warm water, feeling cold or hot (hand and feet), and so on.

  3. Based on your conditions, Dr. Jan and Jeff prepare 120 grams of concentrated TCM herbal granule which is the dose for ten days (oral, 6 grams each time, twice a day), *TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  4. We mail the herb formulation to you by using US Postal service.

  5. Our formulation price is $75.00 per 120 grams including shipping fee if mailing within USA.

  6. Formulation refill can be changed as needed according to your progress.

Popular and Most In-Demand Customized TCM-Herbal Extract formulations:

  1. Bad circulation, High Blood Pressure and Other Cardiovascular Problems

  2. Irregular Menstrual, PMS, Infertility, Ovarian Cyst;

  3. Gastrointestinal Malfunction

  4. Men's Problems, Weak Back, Tonifying Kidney

  5. Arthritis, Back Pain, Migraine, Headache and Other Pains

  6. Insomnia, Depression, Immuno-disorders and Weak Immunity

  7. Obesity by Appetite Control and Facilitating Metabolism

  8. Control Supplements of Virus, Asthma, Flu and Allergy

Notice: The statements within this website regarding the clinical uses and effects of the herbal products listed are based on our professinal knowlege and experiences of research and clinical practice, and have not been evaluated by US food and drug administration. All herbal products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. You should always consult your healthcare professionals before considering our supplementation or other forms of treatments.

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