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We specialize in women’s health, infertility treatment, and men's problems.


1.  We will diagnose and treat you from a Traditional Oriental Medicine perspective and have extensive experience treating unexplained infertility (western diagnosis), menstruation, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), recurrent pregnancy loss and male factor infertility.


2.  Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) treatments and acupuncture which can greatly enhance your chances for pregnancy whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or assisted fertility treatments such as IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in-vitro fertilization).


3.  We treat you as a whole person vs. just your symptoms by a holistic approach and TCM herbal formulation.  To get at the root of your underlying imbalance we will conduct through in-depth consultations and diagnosis assessments resulting in a treatment plan.


4.  We can work on any cycle or lining irregularities, address any nutritional and lifestyle concerns, and help reduce stress to improve egg and sperm quality.


5.  Our special berb formula, care and other treatments can help you attain physical and mental well-being in a caring, nurturing and supportive environment to increase your odds of a successful pregnancy and delivery.


6.  We provide a private place where men and women seeking help with fertility issues, pain management and other ailments.


Normally, if a woman is trying to conceive she should be receiving acupuncture treatments at least four times per month.


1.  The most proper times to have acupuncture are during the day 5, 6, 7 or 8 of your menstrual cycle (day 1 is the first day of heavy flow), the day of, day before or day after ovulation (indicated by LH surge), and during implantation time (6 - 10 days after ovulation).


2.  If there is something going on, like lining issues or follicle development, we may want to see you twice a week until it is properly addressed.


3.  If a woman is going through an IVF cycle, she can start acupuncture 6 to 8 weeks prior to transfer from once a week at beginning to twice a week depending upon the time of medication stimulation, information gathered from her ultrasounds.


4.  Once you achieve pregnancy, we can provide prenatal massages and acupuncture to keep you nice, relaxed, and relieve discomforts sometimes associated with pregnancy, like morning sickness or sciatica.

Ace AcuHerb Clinic



我们使用中医,中药和物理疗法治疗不明原因男女不孕 (西医诊断), 内分泌,卵巢囊肿,月经不调,出血,重复性流产和男性健康等疾病。


中医中药, 针灸和一些物理疗法可极大提高自然怀孕机会,提高卵子质量和精子活动性。




除了中医中药, 针灸和物理疗法, 我们还为您提供营养和生活方式方面的建议来提高卵子和精子质量。


我们的中药处方, 针灸和推拿能使您身心健康而增加怀孕机会和正常生产。






最适合针灸的时机是月经开始后的第5-8天;排卵的前天,当天和后一天; 和卵子着床期(排卵后的 6 - 8 天)。



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